Betraying The Betrayer, is the greatest sin


May infinite curses of Satan befall You, wretch!,even as You so desireth!
No more tricks for this submissive?
Who you’ve denied your teaching, servitude to Satan, and unequalled Bliss?
No lower can I be driven, by this unremembering abandonment
Denying, torture- unrelenting
This is my final level, and so forever burning, I circle
Into Hells divisions, several
Where the sun is high, hate!

Moving around the plane
entering the zone of rage
The flavor different
but the pain the same!
As I move into deeper shade
Revenge, envy, lust and gluttony
Flailing with no orders, or discipline
Worst of all, oh Cruel One
without, reaction!
Were You,Master, but a ghost?
A taunting specter
of dark Lucifers effusive passion?
I’ll not suffer alone!
Spread, my Master!
You are the Word
And The Word Is Satan!
Go forth Blasphemy!
Satans devastation IS MARY
Soul of Man
Shake with The terminal
fever of Contagion!

Master! My crimes! My crimes!
Let Satans vengeance ferocious, be Thine!!!!


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