Sister Chrsitfucks new clip-Not good!

ScreenHunter_397 Sep. 24 12.03

Predictably, Satan made me buy Goddesses new clip, “SMOKING NUN DRINKS THE HOLY WINE AND FUCKS JESUS’S STATUE TILL SHE CUMS ON THE BIBLE!“. I didn’t even want it as even the description was uninspired, but like I said, the Devil made me do it. Not counting Her clips with guys, which I don’t purchase, this has to be Her worst clip since “DEMONIC CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRL SPITS EASTER CANDY ON JESUS AND THE FUCKING BIBLE! HAPPY FUCKING EASTER JESUS!” which admittedly I haven’t seen because it sounds really stupid. As far as clips I’ve purchased, this is the worst since “Sister Christfuck SMASHES BURNS & Lets her yellow HOLY WATERS flow on the VIRGIN MARY!” which was released years ago. Actually this may well be the worst movie She’s ever produced. Its the worst I’ve ever seen since “Mother Mary’s Sinfully Sick 10 Commandments, Part 1” which was just Her second movie from three years ago, and could be excused on those grounds. But whats the excuse for this piece of shit?

Why did She make this movie, especially following the three excellent solo clips She’s made since May? It has Her shoving this very weird looking pudgy Jesus statue up Her cunt a bit, his head goes in all the way for a second, but the blasphemy itself is very mundane, lacks feeling, isn’t inspired, and is quite bland. Theres no fire, no anger, nothing to take it to the next level.She fucks herself with it and mutters unconvincingly “hallelujah”. She is in the persona of a nun, which really doesn’t do it for me at this point, unless its the satanic nun from Virgin Mary Destruction that is. This role doesn’t suit Her and I’m not sure why She goes back to it, She’s done it before so many times and this clip adds nothing to the character. Sexually you never get the feeling that She’s losing Her mind as She rubs Herself with mostly with just the top of his head without insertion. In fact at one point, She pleads with Jesus to put his whole head inside of Her, but SHE doesn’t force it in. She commands Jesus to suck Her off, but doesnt rub his mouth on HER own cunt.

She’s more concerned with fucking Jesus and theres not much air left for Satan. Her best personas as I’ve said are simply where She takes on the role of Satanic witch as in Bible Stomping Ritual, Pisses the Bible, Break the first Commandment, etc. She doesn’t take all of Her clothes off here, its for the most part useless, I certainly don;t see how anyone could jack off to it. I’ve told her before not to do this character, but She insists on doing it, which brings up the more important point. Why did She make THIS piece of shit, when She could have made MY movie which would have been a masterpiece. Did She make a p.o.s. on purpose just to piss me off? Why in Satans name did She make this horrible movie?!

Suggestions that if She saw them, She would naturally disregard just to spite me.

1.No more of those wishy washy nuns trying to fuck Jesus. Its just too boring. Either rape Jesus as a Satanic Witch, or just fuck Satan.

2. Can the long robes, the nuns robes and mother mary’s robes. They cover too much and they’re just dumb.

3. The last schoolgirl clip was good, butfor the most part, we can do without the churchgirls schoolgirls etc.  The best personas are the black witches from Sodomize yourself for Satan, Destroy the Holy Spirit, Revelations. Thats what the people want, thats what the people need!

4. Find a way for an outdoor setting, or have some light effects. Strobe lights with Satanic cursings and hexes. Red lightbulbs.Set up some phones to take the scene from different angles perhaps then edit together the footage. These indoor scenes aren’t totally stale, since after all, She just made Toms clip not long ago, and that was one of Her best ever, but try to incorporate some more creativity.

6. Anger, hate and intensity, they never get old. You can always become more angry, more hateful, more intense. This last video was just a new but poorer version of so many of the older vids with no intensity. It offered nothing new at all. It was terrible, I mean really , it sucked. If its that bad, don’t post it, it sullies the mystique thats been created over a very long period and makes the viewer wonder what the hell is going on with Goddess?


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