Predicatbly the other shoe dropped

Satanis, The Devil's Mass (1970)1

Irony of ironies! I was just searching clips4sale looking to see if Goddess has released a new vid, when I discovered that by some EXTREMELY strange set of events I missed the fact that She released a clip on 9-13, TEN DAYS AGO!  The irony of the situation is the release date which coincides with my post “Waiting For the Dropping Shoe”,  a title which referred to Her releasing Her next clip to the public BEFORE giving me the personal clip She promised me.

This is clearly, as I suspected, Her M.O. Even though She pretends to be regretful about Her abuses and Her neglect, She is actually quite deliberate in Her schemes to destroy me. This is EXACTLY what She did before releasing Revelations to the public back in March I think it was. A guy on Twitter warned me that She was “too evil”. Now I see what he meant.. She truly IS evil. She will fuck you over, and not in a good way. She will betray you, and destroy you, and you won’t have a single thing to show for it. Thats my prediction.

She loves double games. Let me share a particularly delicious one She recently played on me and another of Her followers. This is the official story, one which She may have manipulated by feeding me lies. Its impossible to get in front of Her evil or to overestimate Her capacity for it.

She sent me a clip, an absolute classic. But instead of it being for ME, She made it for a guy I recruited with my last hypno supposedly. She jumped him in front of me! But just to twist the knife, She tells me about it, and uses his name in the clip so that theres no mistaking the fact that the video is NOT for me! She then, being the horrible person She is, tells me not to post the clip, not to divulge that She has shared the clip with me, as to not upset “Tom”! So in other words, She fucked him over by sharing the clip, and She fucked me over by using his name in it and not making it for me. Astonishing duplicity! Oh, She’s having a smashing time fucking me over!

She’s a spider. She can’t be trusted on any level. ANY FUCKING LEVEL! RUN AWAY!!!!! RUN AWAY!!!!!


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