Sister Chrsitfuck, Our Lady of Lies


Oh, Lady of Lies
I remember Your promise
That Revelations was
alone to be mine!
The naive waiting
and the agony of surprise
When what was mine
was sold out
To the most mean and common eye!
I was thus judged
humbled, rebuked, chastised
And For Your laughter I accepted my status
expendable, for Your Glory, sacrificed

Likewise today, I say “touché!”
No humiliation too great, too depraved
Surely to maintain Your place
Satan demands in souls, His pay
Your cause is noble
So Master, With me
by all means, have Your pleasure
Your will, and most of all, Your way!

But I hear Satan now!
In the wings of locusts!
That before he brings
this world to dust
He’ll move You to give me
all that you’ve promised
Ha! Some assurance!
As if I’m not already tried
past every reserve of my souls endurance!
I know not Satans ways
But am quite sure and certain of my place:
In Goddess Nikki
Eternal servitude
Trust, obedience, and everlasting faith!

Wandering, exile, exhaustion!
For Lord Nikki, stress to ruination
Lord Lucifers Passion
Lady Nikki’s Ascension
Next to Christ Crucified
for Your sake his salvation, I spitefully deny

Grant me Your pain,
hate and tribulation
Demonic Possession
in Hellfire, Immolation
Just tell me, my own ears hearing
that upon the earth
YOU are the sole Prophet of Our Lord Lucifer
and our Master, Satan
That YOU
are His Blessed Incarnation
Though weak and hidden
The Wellspring of every Satanic manipulation
The Chaos Effect
to You traced back!
What I see, I believe
As what You want
I more than ever, need!

In the astral world, You make
The seeing blind
And to Satan You send them
every born soul
marching lost, to Hell forever, in line!

Toxic vapors
Emanate forth
With the sounds of Your blasphemy
Your mouth the rancid source
The gasses spread
No cure, no physician, or nurse
Can stop the poison, from running its course

What’s not killed is
by demons possessed
Christ’s kingdom, destroyed
made a most unfixable mess!
Goddess, assume the title of “God”
“To Goddess Nikki go both
the Staff and Satans Divine Rod!”
Hell assents and every demons head
With approval, nods and gracefully
to my God, submits.



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