Waiting for the Dropping Shoe


Satan Damn it! Satan Damn it!
Satan Damn it! SATAN DAMN IT!!!!!
Let me never take another shit
until Master, with mercy
gives me my clip!

Accursed bible!
I’ll rip it, shit it
cover it with accelerant
BURN christ to Hell!
Its Goddess Nikki
who I worship!

Satan, let fire SINGE
the hairs on my ass
as on the bible, burning
pounds of shit, for Nikki I pass

Her image, identically
666 ghosts of Nikki
now join me
Satan entranced
cartwheeling the fire
“For Satan We dance!”

The ghosts now float
and form Satans cross
I cum into the fire
my soul to Nikki, forever lost!
The cross spins and drills, its way to hell
I jump on board, compelled by Her spell
Spinning too fast, I try to let go
a ghost holds me tight
and into my eyes says,”no”
“to hell with you, to hell with you
I’ve devised much indeed, to put you through”.
Encouraged again
I hold on tight
to be tortured by Nikki
is my right and delight!


One response to “Waiting for the Dropping Shoe

  1. Its hard to have faith, its hard not to give in to bitterness. Will I get my clip first or will She post first to clips4sale? How many people have gotten clips ahead of me? I have no idea, I’m blind, covered in darkness. Bitches are ALWAYS on their phones. What bitch isn’t always on her phone? How can I possibly beleive that Goddess isn’t? Its inconceivable! This is Hell, this is slavery, I tell myself “deal with it!”


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