Sister Christfuck, Satan in the Center


Begging pleading
for what I’m not owed

with little and no control
Apologies, making good
at your feet
Licking up the spoils

See me, and speak
Even derisively
Of incalculable worth
To hear your blasphemy
From the front of Satans Church
High Bishop, The Devils First
In the pews I kneel
And accept your curse
Let Nikki Nightly’s demons
do their worse
Possess me
speak through my dreams
For what they say
I take responsibility
For You, my Masters sake.

I’m a man with men
But before you…femme
In the end, all kneel
Your power… Overpowering

Yet now
There are prices I won’t pay,
but only because
of our present stage
Surely In coming days, I’ll say
There’s no task too evil, or too great
demand all, and receive all
From me your helpless and grateful slave.

No thought Unthinkable
No prayer beyond speaking
Master, be my Master
And Satan willing
my reason for being.


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