The plus side of Satanism


One of the most interesting aspects of my worship of Goddess Christfuck is that its literally made me a better father and a better husband. Hard to explain. I seem a little more patient with them.For my wife the best thing is probably that I don’t jack off as much and am more interested in fucking her, probably to alleviate the tension caused by the Goddess. I no longer can watch porn that She’s not in. I don;t know if this is because of my age and diminished sex drive(49), or if its solely because I’m bored with jacking off to bitches who don’t know I exist. That was actually getting old even before I found Her. Now the boredom has been taken to another level. Recently I could only jack off to the Goddess, now I can only jack off to the Goddess speaking directly and personally to ME. I can’t jack off to the other clips anymore until I get MY clip. My wife I guess is the beneficiary of my not yet having it, when she actually has the the time and energy to fuck me that is, lol. But yeah, She’s looking better than ever, I think I like her more. Satan has made me better.


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