“Anticipation, anticipation”


Goddess has agreed to make me my own personal clip, She says the first of many. While I would prefer the clip to be sent as soon as possible, I want Her to take Her time, so that its the masterpiece that I want it to be. This control She has over me has made it impossible to jack off to “porn” that She’s not in, I simply can;t do it. I don;t think I’ve watch a Flower Tucci vid this year.I never thought I would see the day I’d become a one woman man,lol. But now I see what the appeal of all of those webcam ads are that always popped up on my old porn sites. Porn HAS to be personal now. Jacking off to women who don’t know I exist is no longer an option. That said, while I do jack off to Goddess as She commands, Her clips are obviously far far more than mere jack off bait. Along those lines, heres my latest poem, Hail Satan, Fuck Christ

The word of my every day
From Your other slaves
compelled to make
wide, open, and
unbridgeable space

Between them I must
Put the greatest space
And from them, ever more space
I must be forced in earnest to create
You Master, are NOT
Born of Satan to entertain
That merely they may, with purpose simple,
pay, disrobe, and masturbate
But that forever they may reject Christ
and the Holy Spirit, eternally alienate

Thou my Master, born to corrupt
And MY corruption
Must in form
exceed the most extreme
And to the tongue of christ, please
make my soul to seem,
the most bitter
Unpalatable, distasteful
Take me to Hell, Master
swirling lower,
more ever low…

My Master, Goddess Christfuck
Composed piles of lives
Stacked stories
Fluctuating extremes
Of self-awareness, self hypnosis
Personas, evil in Varying degrees
Do You even know
The true level
Of how deep Your commitment IS to the Devil?
Through many voices you change
Aspects all, I’ve found deranged
Are all Your faces You?
Ever constant blasphemy
Satan- centered, always true.


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