Sister Christfuck in The First Person

Demoness_by_mindsiphonBow down sinner, thou
art in Satans power now!
Did you think
When on this course, you first began
What a curse it is
by the Devil to be damned?

The torture, the pain
Basking and bathing
in Lord Lucifers fame?
No deceit!
our plan was open, for all to see
and clearly plain
now hear Me laugh, at your fall
as I praise my Lord Satans
Unholy name!
(Interjection:let me laugh too, Master, and thank Satan, as you’ve made me quite insane)

Leading to Me
All your mistakes
Now alone you live
For Christfucks sake
And praise Satan,What’s more
you’d have it no other way
Success for me, you’d never trade
All your sufferings, to finally burn, for Me, in Satans eternal flames!
Culminate, All of your failures
to be my slave
Rejoice at the honor, sinner!
Finding Me
The ultimate proof
of a life MOST well played!


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