Sister Chrsitfuck and the New God!

similar to my Lord, payment
ere melodies sounding
Leave a jukebox
Joyous music playing!
the songs of Satan
Master knows
and for gold
to all Her sinners,
Satanic tunes
makes audible.

For each syllable
demands  exchange
sings with mastery
every possible
hate of god
all with impeccable
and most unlimited range

Always soaring, at high
though fair cost
Sinner, Hark!
inside Her blasphemy
Her love of Satan,
all is there, glory to be found
fondest hope, never lost
Sinner, no fear
Gods day will come
With his life he’ll pay, Lord Satan
for his shit eating arrogance
dearly, and all in one lump sum.

And during this transaction
Christ, laid at the Devils feet
Our Lord Christfuck, floats above
The crying shit, and with
haughty derision, speaks
No! vomits on him
the exposed and fallen “Messiah”
Arias of unholy blasphemy
new invectives, curses, and condemnations
Chunks of flesh too, rain
His head, the words between
partially digested
Blood, bone, and fat of saints
All sold by god to the devil
and by the Devil, promptly slain
Then, gorged upon, by
Our Most Gluttonous Lady
And upon defeated Christ
meal rejected with the utmost disdain

Rearing on Her broom
look at Master,
at the sight of Christ defamed
pussy pouring
The Mark of the Beast
on it-twitching
Hallelujah! upon the world
Our Master, victorious
gushing, just came!
Christ crying, defeated and failed
This, of his life, the final end
his treachery, lechery, and his lying games!

Come, maggot! Come, crow!
Feast upon Christ, in Hell below
Christfuck has won
Our Savior is Satan!
Sing! Sing!
Come and kiss
The New God’s ring!


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