Can Sister Christfuck be separated from Satan?

This is from a slightly edited letter I wrote Goddess Christfuck on those claim to follow Satan, but go from false “Goddess” to false “Goddess’ and can’t focus on the One TRUE prophet, Sister Christfuck.

“I think the difficulty is that these bastards worship Satan first. They don’t think they need You as an intermediary. I worship YOU, and then Satan by YOUR command, if You and Satan fell out, Satan forbid, I would follow You wherever you would then go. These other worms would let you go off by yourself, and try and stay with Satan. Its an academic point of course, since it’s in all likelihood a metaphysical impossibility for You and Satan to be separated, but its still in my opinion technically significant. Many disturbances raged among the Christians over theological issues that were far more technical, how many angels can fit on the head of a pin, transubstantiation, grace, etc. etc. etc.”

Some afterthoughts:

There is of course the possibility that her “fans” are applying investment strategies to the realm of religion. They seek to diversify in case it is revealed that the Goddess is only doing this for purposes of entertainment, or that in the long run She lets them down, and converts like a regretful porn star who turns to Christ. They don’t want to put all of their eggs in one basket as the saying goes. Myself, I see Satan in Her, and in Her most strongly by infinite degrees. Isn’t half the “fun” of Satanism, the possibility of being completely deceived? After all, isn’t so much of life just a huge series of changes and deceptions: deceptions of others, being deceived, deceiving ourselves? Don’t fear in Goddess the final flame out, accept it if it comes, for She is the noblest cause, the cause of our Lord Satan!

MASTER! Goddess Christfuck! Grow in Evil and Be ONE WITH SATAN! She is in tune with Satan, and the volume of Her blasphemy grows ever stronger!


One response to “Can Sister Christfuck be separated from Satan?

  1. Change, flux. Its not the stability or the truth that matters, but change in a purely authentic form. This is what matters most. The Goddess Herself will change, as She grows in Satanic power. How do we account for those from Germany’s east, whose people were destroyed by Hitler, that these descendants, even now embrace him? And from the other side, during the war, weren’t even slavs allowed into the SS, in fact didnt he awardsome jews the status of “honorary Aryans”? Sister Chrsitfuck is Herself worthy to be adored and worshiped, regardless of contradiction, disappointment, or the potential of future “betrayal”. Who is more worthy to be worshiped than Satan’s heir, daughter and Queen, all three personally embodied in our Goddess? As Hitler is worthy through his will and authenticity, so is Christfuck! She is worthy of our complete, perpetual, and enduring commitment! Hail Satan! Let us not be surprised or disappointed if and when She fades into illusion, and we consequently fall. Victory is always Hers! If She lies we fall to Hell, even as we do, if She is in fact, as we beleive, Satan incarnate, in the most literal and singular sense. Bow Down, RIGHT NOW, and thank Satan you know who SHE is!
    To Hitler, Sister Chrsitfuck, and Satan: we “Sieg Heil!”


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