This is our Blasphemy: Sister Christfuck and The Devil; Were, Are, and Will Be God!

211767_arifrocks_lucifer-s-daughter wild-daughter-of-satan-antonella-gambotto-burke

The Lord, Her power
atemporal- blasphemy
showered, torrents, spreading
sticky poisons
Evil soaked as heroin
syrupy- hate condensed
lush, harmonic
sexual, tonal, Echoes;
rich in evil’s resonance

All Lessons, Masters learned
From Satan’s own, filth dripping mouth
Sister Christfuck
on Her fours, listening
receiving, lays The Devil
Who whispers, purrs
then building- shouts
All while He spears Her bloody
stabbing Her rear
His untiring, His unfailing
His world fucking crouch

Explosion, His eternal stream
from Her ass, overflows
Her blood, his cum
demonic seed,
and like acid feels, but To HER:  GLORIOUS!
The blazing, teaching sting
of Satan’s flesh burning cream!

She loves how Her ass Bleeds
in Hell, below
Their love of anal, equal
Unlimited and mutual
He, the giver, as She takes
Satan, teaching
His Daughter, Sister Christfuck
Uplifted, immortality, gains

Now, Her knowledge of evil
is finished, total
Her mystic omnipotence,
by Satans insanity
above all made, all knowing
But to the Holy Trinity
She brings naught but loss, shame
and total calamity!

Yes, in the spiritual plane
The Witch has been made
All powerful and omniscient
And from Her unholy realm
she dictates
Falling into place,
All flesh and whats been made material

Sourcing, judging
By Satan, according
All that’s right, and every act thats wrong!
Randomly spewing
blasphemy, knowing
no fear of Christ, or His
assembled arms!
Her power is supreme,
when speaking of these
sublime realms
to mortals made invisible

Her murder of Christ
a matter of time, fait accompli
No return!
Her judgment?
The bastard will be tortured, skinned alive
and only for Her pleasure, burned!
And if not?
far better
in Hell with Satan and her
together fucking, rot!
Scorn, hate, and brands hurled
at the back of the coward running, God’s fool, Lot!

Out! Out!
Falling in flames, we worship
our Goddess
and burn for Her, without shame
Christfuck! All done to Hell
for You, and the glory of your
Christ cursed name!

Fucked and Fucking
raping and raped
none but Lot
Gave even the slightest
Most passing thought
to flight, redemption
or least of all, to escape!
To Hell, Then!
All in!
All in!
Satan and Sister Christfuck
Our preference, only them
who embody both
Hate of God
and Every cursed, damned, and mortal sin

Low, before them
in Her shit and piss
those the whole of Satans sacrament
Roll, then bow
Come, stand close
Bear witness, that She is God
let me show you how!


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