Some quick thoughts


Goddess Christfuck reigns supreme on clips4sale’s religion category, and yet, what is a religion when the followers aren’t joined in congregation? Do Her followers, those besides me, merely view Her glorious blasphemy as entertainment, as jack off material for when they’re in the mood for blasphemy? Just one form of jack off material among many? Satan forbid! What do they do for Her besides giving Her money? That can’t possibly be enough,and yet  for Her, it well might be. Would she prefer more money from an anonymous source, who makes not the slightest “demand” than less money from a true believer and zealous dependent?

Once again She has ordered me into a holding pattern, using the word “soon” for at least the third time promising this or that reward, order to be followed, or question answered. Is it the true believer who must be sacrificed and punished, while the whack offs who don’t beleive have Her respect? Is She pushing me, does She want me to not beleive? I hear Her Satanic laughing constantly, all of the laughing from the clips. Its beautiful.

But what rights does a slave actually have? Since when is it not painful to be sacrificed,and is that not the honor that in my own warped mind I seek? To be Her greatest sacrifice, Her First Slave? The sacrifice that makes Her coronation as Hell’s Queen official? Are there any who would challenge me for the position? Who will suffer the most for our Lord? Hhat have they created, what have they done? How have they inspired others to compete with them for Her favor? How have they inspired HER to increase the intensity of HER blasphemy? Speak up and Join the Cult of Christfuck!


One response to “Some quick thoughts

  1. p.s. The above reminds me once again of one of the best scenes in the history of American television. It seems I’m in the place of Taxi’s Lois DePalma played of course by Danny Devito. Deplama was in a relationship with a woman far above his station. He would take any abuse from her, suffer every indignity. She might have grown bored, but the point is that she was mentally disturbed and she ended up telling him that if he left her and never came back, she would love him forever, if he stayed, she would hate him. Thats the insanity at the heart of Satanism and Goddess worship. Louis ended up leaving calling Her nuts, maybe spilling juice on her, I don’t remember, but thats besides the point. My role is to accept what Christfuck gives forever. Stay strong in Satan!

    Note: Being the obsessed person I am I found the episode in question: Youtube “Taxi Episode 8 Louies revenge” And no, I wouldn’t have walked out the door, but then this bitch wasn’t one with Satan.


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