Recruit to Her Cause!

Weakly sick, the mind
That bows to no authority
And has itself no followers
neither laying hands on
nor Bowing low
for a Satanic bless
from a master all its own

Especially true, considering
The very real presence
of Sister Christfuck
At last here:Satans First and Last Witch
Herald of Anti-Christ
and Demi-Goddess!
Empowered Herself
sanctioned by Satan,
who by this right is owed,
over all men
Dominance, absolute power
natural and Divine control.

My every moment confronts
Her image
specter that taunts
Compelled to wish
for Her most important,
frivolous and trivial wants
Praise Satan
My possession
now thoroughly Demonic!
I breath in Nikki’s blasphemy
and By Her will
I’m made Her slave
at last and truly free!

Savages wander
From witch to witch
Blowing with the wind
Despite their folly
All Come to Christfuck
Humbled In the end
But by then, though
Sadly of no value
to She, the God these fools refused
Into Hells lake they go
having paid
Not in timely fashion
the reasonable price of their immortal souls
which by right was Her cost and obvious due

They wandered from lust to lust
Though in their front
was Satans first Goddess
From lust to lust
No discipline, no focus
And worst of all, in Satan
No trust
No trust in the Prince of Lies
That Christfuck alone
Raises souls up
attacking Christ til victory
They dare deny
Its Sister Christfuck alone
who decides
who May bow
before Satans throne
And who is sacrificed as fodder
And in the war ‘gainst god
not innocent these lambs
She sends to be slaughtered

Worms! worms!
with me!
Come gather
wiggle before Her
and Cool Her Beast marked feet
While Heaven and all in it
Gather at Her toes
Now She is God
And Christ deposed
She is God! She is God!
As even the former “god” himself
accepts and all to well


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