Sister Christfuck Promises

I submitted several questions about my servitude to Goddess and about growth in Satan. Goddess said She would answer, again used the term “soon”. I was ordered to stay with Satan. These are my orders, and I will now execute them, though “soon” to the Lord may mean a million years. I will wait. In fact, thats part of the reason for this site; to provide me some outlet when Goddess is out and about Her business. The paradox of my service is that I am forced to trust both the Prince and the Queen of Lies. Thats the counter intuitive at the core of this Hellish system. One must trust the Lord of Lies. As irrational-ism led to the fall of Hitler, this noble idea shall undoubtedly lead me to the same result. Or maybe it won’t. BOW DOWN TO THE LORD YOUR MASTER, Sister Mary Christfuck, Satan’s Ascending Star!


2 responses to “Sister Christfuck Promises

  1. Hello Dear, iam a Muslim guy, but iam very interresting at be one of yr Group if it,s possible, i wish u can accept me and send me what i have to do in the future so i can be one of yr Santanism world.


    • Just for the record, this page is created by one of Goddess Nikki’s slaves. I am not Sister Christfuck. I thought when you used the word “dear” that you might think I’m Her. Its good to know that you are interested in joining me in what I call: The Cult of Christfuck. The first thing you need to do if you haven’t already done so, is buy some of Her clips at

      After you have purchased several videos, come back here and tell me what videos you bought and describe their impact on you. If you are then prepared to acknowledge Her as your Lord and Master, to accept Her and Her alone as the Prophet of Satan and Anti-Christ, to devote your life to Her,as I have done, then we can talk about you joining this cult which will spread her blasphemy across the internet. Thank you for writing! She is the Messenger of Satan, superior in all respects to Jesus, Abraham, Muhammad, and ever other “prophet” of god, Accept Her and join me in servitude.


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