Cultural dissonace as it relates to the phenomenon of Christfuck


Its amazing to me how the Goddess rules an entire sub-genre of porn, is the top ranked religious Goddess on clips4sale, has no real competitors or peers,and yet mine seems to be the only site tributing Her magnificence. Goddess has been selling clips for years, and yet Her web footprint outside of clips4sale is seemingly non-existent. This may be a fundamental difference between Caucasians and especially those of African dissent. White people have an incredible ability to keep shit absolutely quiet! They’re the most diabolical and secretive people in the world. I’ve often suggested that crime statistics used to justify arguments about innate black criminality, are for the most part worthless. Blacks tend to always and freely relay their feelings and secrets to their friends and comrades, and they are therefore more prone to be sold out and successfully prosecuted. Untold numbers of Her clips have been purchased, and yet, no one talks about Her openly, even under an assumed identity. No one but me. How can this be?

My experiences with facebook and Twitter also show this trait in other areas. No one expresses themselves. The vast majority of discussion is on the most superficial level. This level is useful in that offense is rarely given and practical information can be shared: where sales are, who is a trustworthy mechanic, etc. but innermost feelings and perversions remained unexplored. Thats isolation! The Goddess is the reverse of this, she gives rein to Her inner feelings, to Her dark side, and broadcasts the evil for the world to see. Bourgeois sensibilities are at last, truly offended and done away with. But, Her followers worship Her darkness in the dark. They neglect their duty and refuse to proclaim their loyalty to Her openly setting an example for others to follow. They worship Satan in moments of weakness, as a rule I suspect they cling to Christ, hoping for redemption and deathbed absolution. Where are Her followers?! Like modern day Peter’s they deny Her.

And yet, the Goddess Herself seems not to care, so why should I? She has determined that She has only one concern, as far as I can see,and thats the almighty dollar. Praise her unholy name. its impossible to get through to Her, to serve Her as She should be served. Did Her other followers also detect this and give up all hope, as well as their duty? Is it possible, that I’m the only one who believes in Her, including Herself? It would fit the self deluded pattern of my life certainly. Self-delusion be damned, this Goddess must be believed in!


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