I Feel Sorry for Sister Christfuck

Throughout my life I’ve always heard that beauty is a curse. There are so many ways that this saying applies and is incontrovertibly true. Yesterday, I sent Goddess a small and insignificant tribute. She graciously thanked me, while noting that the amount was hardly worth Her effort. I was so happy to hear form Her, and so ashamed of the amount, that I immediately sent another, part of me hoping that She would write back approving of a ritual that I had proposed for myself in Her and Satan’s honor.

One of the curses of being a Goddess, much less of being THE Goddess, must be that you can never satisfy the needs of your followers. I and I imagine many others, simply can’t get enough of Her. I’ve known for a long time that we’re astrologically incompatible, but I never bothered re-reading why for the specifics. Today, I was made especially aware of my own neediness, and decided to read on our compatibility from my go-to source on astrology, a book which I haven’t referenced in what seems like several years. This is what I read, and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t ring true; “Pisces becomes quite dependent and demands constant proofs of love. _______ ( I’m not going to reveal Goddess’ sign to the general public without Her consent) feels hampered and hindered by the tentacles of its clinging vine.”

How in FUCKS name is it that I always end up fucked?! One other line from this same source that has always been with me, for the almost three decades since I first started using it, is: “Pisces is the sign of sorrows”. Its simply amazing how accurate this book has been over the decades. My sorrow has in fact seemed of an almost cosmic and preordained nature. Why couldn’t Christfuck have been born a Scorpion, or for that matter, born a few thousand miles closer to where I reside? She IS my  Goddess, I thank Satan for sending Her to me. Satans Witch wasn’t born a Scorpio, happiness wasn’t in my stars. I’m trapped. Hail Satan! Hail Christfuck!


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