Philospohical Ruminations Sister Christfuck Couldnt Give a Shit About


Spock of Vulcan once said that logic is the beginning of wisdom, not its end.
Similarly, loving Satan and Christfuck for their own sake is only the beginning of worshiping them and an end not desirable or even possible.
“Disinterested” love, held by the mystics, as Levi describes in Louis XIV, is the highest form of virtue…. God(in our case Satan) should (be) loved ‘for his own sake’. p239
True, however, Scholasticism “which insisted that all acts of will, being necessarily directed towards a perceived good, necessarily also sought gratification.” For our purposes this is more useful,realistic, practical, and desirable, praise Satan. Levi p. 240

Levi writes that Augustine condemned self- love as being of the devil and praised the goal of disinterest i.e. love for its own sake. Levi writes that Augustine in the city of God,
Equated the love of god with the contempt of self, and the love of self with the contempt of god.
Levi concludes of Augustine that “purely disinterested love of god was possible if rare”.p.240
This rarity can never be proven and should be considered as the most theoretical of all philosophical constructs. How could it be, its not even irrational or counter intuitive. Its beyond absurd.

How should we approach Goddess Christfuck? The argument of mystical disinterestedness seems circular and self-defeating. Its an argument that SOUNDS good, the purpose of which is seemingly to make us feel pure, and more noble, when in fact there is no way to leave it at that. Deeper inspection will ALWAYS reveal baser motivations. Yes, Sister Christfuck should be worshiped with no regard of potential reward. She IS that far above us and deserves it. But contrary to Augustine, its IMPOSSIBLE to love without desire for some form of return.
Disinterest is simply repression, and I would guess that Satan frowns on such hypocrisy. No! The true devotee WANTS and prays only to be chained to The Goddess throughout eternity. There IS no contentment in isolation from Her, only insanity. An insanity that She may wish upon us but that we dare not wish upon ourselves, even if we accept it as Her final judgment.
I recall the wise words of Duryodhana in Peter Brooks masterful epic The Mahabharata: ” I WANT to be dissatisfied”. There is no satisfaction outside of servitude to Goddess, and and there is no satisfaction while She lives, as She always desires more, my Master, my God.Living is desire, and what She desires, I desire, that and more.


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