Some excerpts from correspondance sent to Sister Christfuck

Here are some excerpts from some letters I’ve sent Goddess within the last few days. These are sent to teach acolytes how to approach Goddess worship outside of the required financial tributes:

This letter is the entire letter:
Master today I jacked off to several of your clips of course, the one with the pentagram on your head doing the most damage for Satan. In fact I now ONLY jack off to your clips, its True, by Satan I swear it!
I DO call you God! If you told me to believe something I knew was a lie, I am now conditioned to believe it, and to accept it as true and live my life based upon it.My mysticism is being perfected through you, Master! Praise Satan! Every day I am prepared to do more and more to prove that I can’t resist you, and that you are God. If you laughed at me for believing, and called me a fool and then told me to believe, I’d believe,I’d believe!!!! I believe I believe I believe!!!
From Levi’s Louis XIV p. 182
“There was a whole low-life world of defrocked priests, witches, black masses, infant sacrifices, abortions, and ‘satanism’. Long live the Sisters of Desecration! Long live God who we call and IS Nikki Christfuck!
Heres an excerpt sent a few minutes later:
“LaVoisin claimed to have buried 2500 children in her garden…..Astaroth and Asmodeus were invoked (She) was a professional abortionist, child kidnapper, and murderer. She survived torture and was burnt alive”
Levi p.189
This bitch is straight out of DeSade!

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