Sister Christfuck Delivers!

Lilith, Goddesses first incarnation?

Lilith, Goddesses first incarnation?

My Master, All-Maker
of Satanic potions, abortions
forbidden scenes
perverted notions
Sins of the flesh
curl in circles
filth and evil, compile
as two cones spiral
starting in Hell from a single cell
to heaven
There at peak and pinnacle
Satan and his Mary
Host and God surprising!

In Gods face
Satan takes
Christfuck’s ass
Her mouth issues
Impossible til now
Found in no ghoulish dream
or hellish time-line’s past
Come close sinner, look and see
Self doubt forms in the Holy Trinity
It quivers and begins to split
Jesus himself stops the noise
Inserting between Her lips, his raging
and successfully tempted prick
The trap is sprung!
And with Her teeth, My Master
his cock, She severs it!
Heaven Howls
And Christ, helpless
Satan’s Whore, disembowels!
All Hell comes through
heavens gate
And all of god’s by Her command
bound, tortured,mocked, and finally in disgrace, slain
prophets, angels
and even the most powerful
and mild of his blessed and chosen saints!

Bloody red, Christfucks mouth
“Heaven is Satan’s!
Let the dead beleive,rejoice,
and in His Unholy name, awaken!
Kiss my feet
on the Mark of the Beast
and pledge to Him your soul and loyalty
Hail Satan, and yours sinner, is the fruit of endless pleasure
wanton sex and immortality!”


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