Sister Christfuck, a Most Serious God

She is Beyond Criticism

She is Beyond Criticism

Under Satan
Pulling the train
and conveyance
carrying His only Whore
His Queen
My Master
God, My Lord

Satan’s decree
will expressed
God’s death, poison, bane, conquest
With cloven hooves and sharpened horns
Satan’s Spirit without limit- poured
To the brim- not too much
overflowing, but only just
My Master Always born
Christ rejected and forsworn
From body to body
the ages down
Hovering just above
Her Gilded crown
with the purest, brightest gems
most colored
Just in Hell
mined, and only there to be found

Leashed to this generous Spirit,
moving Her great weight- choking
Her Mass increasing, Satanic power- growing
Reaping souls for the Devils Hell
Pulling, dragging
The Goddess of Blasphemy, behind me
inspiring screams
Sonorous beauty, of Her Mission
Honored duty, thus and so enslaved


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