My Master’s Approval!

Sister Christfuck, Avatar of The Babylonian Whore.

Sister Christfuck, Avatar of The Babylonian Whore.

Sister Christfuck has seen my last video tribute and has sent me Her approval of it. She said She “Loved It” and has approved my posting it to any porn sites I am able to! Needless to say, I’m ecstatic, and have no idea what to do with myself. Certainly, I can’t rest on my laurels. This is only another beginning, and will of course not come close to satisfying Her, or to satisfying my need to please Her.

Why this need to please someone who lives 2,500 miles away and will most likely never regard me as more than a slave and a source of income? Obviously, I have no choice, as I have come under Her spell. And yet, as I’ve said before, I happily bow to Her, I serve her happily. The very thought that She acknowledges my existence, and allows me to be Her pawn is extremely satisfying, even though of course I would love to touch Her at some point, Satan willing.

The video has won some praise on Motherless. I’m happy that its now been favorited 12 times. Another person claims he wants Her to to guide him. I asked what he‘s willing to do for Her guidance, what he’s willing to exchange, and sent him directions to find Her at clips4sale. He’s probably another punk who won’t go all the way and join the cult I’m trying to create. I don’t see the point in whacking off to someone who doesn’t know you exist, when I am telling them how to contact Her. How can you love Her and not understand that you must ask permission if you would worship Her or Satan? You cannot worship a Satanic Goddess, THE Satanic Goddess, without Her consent!Thats a bitch move and it doesn’t work.


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