Not much luck, Sister Christfuck is too Satanic!


My latest video is too Satanic for several pornsites and hasn’t caught on. Its been rejected outright by XTUBE,and many others I feel are too hypocritical to even contemplate the spirit, the force thats creating all of the porn, that they themselves purvey. Its obviously Satan, but those who take Satan “too seriously”, they disavow, trying to save themselves an out with Christ,  a chance for a last second confession. lol. No, even though in all likelihood, I will come to regret my affiliation with the Goddess, at the present time, I must commit! I must commit with the zeal that the commitment will last forever!

Motherless, the same site that refused to allow me to create a group in Her honor, which would recruit other cult members, did to their credit, allow the video on their servers.The reception has been tepid to say the least, which I can only take as a reflection of the stupidity and barbarism of our current so called culture. In one group I posted the video to, there was another video, boring in the extreme which had a girl jacking off on a bible, it was pathetic, but even though it was posted roughly when mine was, it had been favorited many more times, 18 to my videos 5. Heres the video: How boring, she’s young, thats the appeal I guess, young and silly, not a true believer. There are alot of fakes who can’t even make a good show of it apparently. Absolutely tragic how a REAL Goddess, the most significant witch of our time is scorned. Jacked off to by those who want a cheap thrill, but can’t commit.

In all fairness, the Goddess herself hasn’t endorsed the video yet, either. I’m proud of it, I stand by it, but if She says its shit, I know it will be for REAL reasons,and not the reasons of the cowards I’ve been dealing with out here on a daily basis. As Jackson’s men did in the Valley, I must press on!


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