Don’t Sleep On Sister Christfuck


Grind your teeth!
Grind your teeth,
with our Satanic Master, Mary
the pride of Her Lord Satan
and His Highest Glory!

Sinner, all your ties to god
now, without regret, cleave
just for Her
throw yourself
down to Hell
no thought to ever leave!
Serve Her
in Hell
always, forvever
Bow down to Mary,
your soul is Hers
now always and permanently

Only Satans war on god
Marys war on Trinity
these alone, bring
the sweetest fruits
those of total victory
and Satans everlasting peace!

Destined, Preordained
SATAN’S victory!
As Man born, truthfully
evolved for every form
of disgusting filth and debauchery
every form of Satanic treachery
imagined, planned and in corruption conceived
From god, leave off, give in
Bask in evil
And Indulge in the one
True Lord, Lucifer
Mary’s Master, Satan!

Imbibe, partake
And of His Prophet Christfuck
Your Lord and Savior, make.
Howl, with rising pitch
Of your soul to Her
every part, scrap, and every ancient vestige!
All we have, To our Goddess
The Devils Highest Representative!

icon, deity,
and Satans First Mistress, Preferred
His Christ conquering Witch
Live for Her
for Mary Christfuck!
Her Flesh and all thats Satanic!

Always, on Christ, destruction wish, and go!
Go! and upon him, do great damage!
Always on the piece of shit,
christ the bastard
destruction of gods word
As our Master has commanded
Hallelujah, let Mary now and always
be the embodiment of Satan and therefore, GOD!

He’s shit, As She’s rightly
his destruction is nigh, but who knows where?
Only She
the how, the when
Her soldiers anticipating, and assembling!
every stripper, every whore
Each having Lord Christfuck
living in the core
Fueling, directing, ruling
Maddening, inflaming
Letting loose, and then restraining
Mary, the evil at every
whores heart and core
On all men, death
or to Satan, submission
And til the destruction of Christ
on God, endless war!

Some men
fearing, envying
Turn to other men,
each on each shamefully, embuggering
and by this accident, falling to sin!
Others inadequate, turn to controlling
And thereby in their obsession
owned by Satan’s demons, thereby possessing
I swear By Satan, the cause is all Mary!

Every Satanic spirit, infecting
These whores, all self- sacrificing
Feigning submission
And even when
by obsessed lovers
with their last breath, the whores
half shout, half murmurr:
“Hail Satan!”

To Mary Christfuck
I open my mind
and give myself totally
to Her every Satanic design!


The echoes of Her blasphemy

from Hell to Heaven resound!


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