Sister Christfuck Grants a Task


Master has charged me with making a short video clip containing materials from the blasphemous videos She sells at clips4sale. These productions are to be similar, I suppose, to the tributes I already have made. But unlike those, these will be produced by Her expressed order. She’s never made comment on my other tribute videos,and I’ve never felt it to be my place to ask Her about them, whether or not She liked them, or even saw them. Needless to say, I am elated that She would trust me with the production of videos designed to recruit new customers and converts. I’ve made three videos honoring Her, but my next video I am determined to make my greatest. I want it to be, by my standards, nothing short of revolutionary. Thats the goal. I want it to be greater not only than the movies I’ve made for Her, but than all of my sissy hypnos which were, while they were posted, so popular on xvideos. The vast majority of those hypnos were rated at 100%, the ones that weren’t, generally because they were too abstract and inaccessible to the porn addled masses, even though they were classics.

No I am already playing with some new ideas, and I think I can pull of something truly compelling. The greatest challenge will be decisions related to making it worthy of Her, or making it accessible to the general population, who for the most part can’t understand the true nature of Her being, of Her role, or of my art.


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