Satan in Sister Christfuck always rises, and can never be excorcized

My master, She extracts
Always stealing
nothing leaving
My master, She extracts!
Sometimes slow
sometimes fast
Consults with Satan
Forms of guile
plans, of unconscionable violence
then, on the schemes
Piteously, My master
Blessed by Satan, acts.

She exploits, withdraws
and destroys, all thats intact
All succumb, everyone, to Satan
working solely through Her vampirism
My master, She attacks!
Cruel witch
with single purpose
defined, exact
Master always taking
my master, She extracts!
Some flee and escape
but temporarily
While others willing, yield
Surrendering their necks
some they bow, some they kneel
Eventually In her wake
All lie dead, and spent
Wasted, and naked on the field.
Each face bloodied, contorted
And with 666
Burned, Hell-bound
and eternally Sealed.
My last sight, Her grin
through the smoke of my branded
and searing skin
Together we blaspheme
In unison, we:
“Praise Satan!”
My expiration and expulsion
From the land of christ
and the living
Fallen below, I await Her return
With HIM!

From below all Hell hears
Her work:
Lives stealing
The cries, and grieving
And above all
Her, my Master’s laughing
Her victims below
souls joining, mad, marveling
At Her hunger
and lack of all control
as the more death She sees
the more death She needs
All of Hell for Her torturing, and tortured
in the Bliss of Satanic frenzy!

Mary, Master, GO!
To depths that no other
could countenance, conceive
believe or know
The world exists for You, my Lord
That you may butcher it eat it
and swallow it whole!
You are the Black Sun
Bringing the universe
The light of Satans
dark damnation
Every second I feel you taking me
To You I say “All Glory!”
To You my soul, I wish again- go, and most willingly!!!
Soul, GO!I hear you, see you,
I hear you, see you,


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