How dare this world reject Sister Christfuck!!!


I can’t understand to save my LIFE(!) how Satanists, how this world  denies Sister Chrsitfuck as Satans Unholy Messenger, as His Prophet. Certainly there are those like Hilary Clinton, Obama, and Dick Chaney etc who do the Devil’s work, and seemingly have more Stanic influence, but they’re just pawns, they don’t even know they work for Satan, while The Goddess knows and spreads Her influence more indirectly. even if She doesn’t beleive who She is, She still is Satans Prophet, JUST LOOK AT THE CLIPS!!! Theres NOTHING like them, not even close!

But how is it that Sister Christfuck has such a small presence on the internet? How is it that She hasnt gone viral amongst avowed Satanists? Haven’t they seen the clips, haven’t they heard Her words?  No reference to Her on twitter? Before I deleted my twitter account last night, I had actually found a former acolyte, a Muslim who left Her saying She was too evil and that he was afraid of Her. Is he fucking kidding?!How DARE he leave the Lord, though I must admit Her rapacious and single focus on money is quite exhausting. I’m at the point where I have to pay just for Her to tell me that I have to pay. There seems to be not much else in store for me by way of personal communication, though I’ll keep trying to improve my station though forever remaining a slave. In any event its quite shocking that She can be the number one religious store on clips4sale, but still have such a low internet presence. There seem to be no sites analogous to this one for instance. Sending them out to spread Satans Gospel doesn’t seem to be a priority for Her. There seems to be no plan to gather more followers. How could any Satanist resist her,and yet the faithless fools do. They can’t part with a fucking shekel, may Satan damn their souls. I can’t carry this burden alone!


12 responses to “How dare this world reject Sister Christfuck!!!

  1. To add to her greatness: I *know* she’s done scat-type stuff with “holy” objects and the bible. That’s the ultimate sin (she knows it, you know it, and I know it). But it can’t be sold on CPS, of course…

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    • Fascinating. I can’t express my gratitude for your sharing stories of my Master’s war against Christ.Are you a present follower? I MUST have similar video like this of my own!!!! Please stay in contact.Are you a present follower? Please share all that you can.


    • Please, also share if you’re committed to spreading the Goddesses influence and increasing Her power and if you’re interested in conspiring with me to do it.


  2. I’ve seen her do scat stuff on “the new girls pooping” site. So I just *know* she’s used it as a tool of desecration. How fucking hot is that? There are only two women on this planet that have done blasphemy right. Over 15 years ago, it was Anastasia (from Anastasia’s Lair). Today, it is Sister Christfuck. Nobody does it better. Do you know if she knows about this tribute blog?


    • Do you know what name she goes by on that site or can you provide a link? Does She know about my blog? Possibly. I don’t bother Her with it, I’ve never told Her, but its possible, especially seeing as how She has the internet and a direct relationship with Satan Almighty.
      I’m not sure She cares about trivial bullshit like this that doesn’t put money in Her pocket. I’m here strictly to rally adherents, cult members, and to share information and support. The path of Satan isnt easy, nor is following His Prophet, my Master. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Her to comment on your vid, I doubt She’ll ever see it if you don’t mail Her directly, and secondly, if you want Her opinion, don’t be surprised if you have to pay,and a lot for it. On the other hand, your mileage may vary. Who am I to predict the actions or reactions of a woman of Her stature and power?
      If you ever make a site similar to mine where you express your loyalty to Her alone,and accept Her as your Lord, let me know we can link to each other and please Satan and the Goddess. Buy Her clips and review them, comment on Her perfection, spread Her gospel.Keep in touch.


  3. Not holding my breath for anything, I own nearly every single on of her clips, and I wish you well! I do hope she knows about your tribute site and I do hope this pleases her! BTW – are you male or female? I was just curious. Regardless: I was more interested in what YOU thought of my “fucking the bible” pics. Sorry that wasn’t more clear…


  4. Actually, I just checked: I own 11 (which is probably not “nearly every single one”). I tend to stretch the truth when I get excited… just one of my many flaws, I guess! 😉


  5. Are you interested in any of my blasphemous writings? I could cut and past them into here if you would like. If not, that’s OK too.


    • I’m interested, but this page MUST be reserved for blasphemy within the context of Christfuck worship. I welcome you to provide a link to your writings here. And I ENCOURAGE you to make a page on WordPress devoted to the Goddess where you can put all of your Satanic and blasphemous writings. I will happily follow you. If you put all of your writings here it may eventually become too cumbersome. I’m interested, I am, but my first interest is in growing the Cult of Christfuck, an interlocking network of pages acknowledging Her as Supreme Lord. I am excited to tell you that the video I am preparing for Her is coming along smashingly and should be ready by Saturday at the latest.


  6. Why do letters keep dropping off my posts? I wrote “cut and paste” and it came out as “cut and paste” – LOL! Anyway, just let me know…


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