Sister Christfuck Rapes Jesus on the Cross.

The Goddess of Blasphemy is one with Satan

The Goddess of Blasphemy is one with Satan

My Goddess, The Goddess of Blasphemy, has blessed the world with a SECOND video in the month of July! This one is titled: “NAUGHTY CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRL FUCKS AND SUCKS JACKHAMMER JESUS, PRAYING, WHILE JESUS CRUCIFIED SUCKS HER TITS AND WATCHES

My review of this masterpiece will be a slightly edited version of the letter I sent Her regarding it.

OH MASTER!!!!! I just saw it!!! At first when I saw that you were going into the schoolgirl role, I was slightly disappointed, as I prefer the clips where you’re just you, the Satanic Witch, like in the last two vids and in “Destroy Holy Spirit” etc. But then as I watched it I realized the magnitude of this video’s  Satanic genius!

The smile at the end, the tongue on the crucifix, the comments about drinking his blood(we need MUCH more of this idea) straddling him on the cross,licking Your cunt juice off of his cock!!! fucking him wildly as he breaths his last! His consent in his own raping and murder! I can see it all so clearly!

You, invisible to the masses at Cavalry in spiritual form, you on the astral plane, fucking him as he dies, he can’t resist the temptation, He curses his father, he pledges allegiance to you, and through you to Satan, He cums inside you sealing the pact. You’re covered in his blood, you drink it as you described, you savagely eat his flesh, as he screams, thrusting his cock, his soul sent to Hell.

The schoolgirl in the video, She was there, she’s reincarnated, She hasnt realized that She was there yet, but this fantasy keeps running through Her mind, she doesn’t know why! She’s YOU!!! You’ve been Her a million times throughout history, and now You are awake to who You really are, and You relive these acts you performed in different bodies over time, with every incarnation you became more and more self aware, more aware of what you did that day, your murder of God as he dies tortured on the cross!!!!
You fucked Jesus to death, and sent him to Hell, where even to this moment he resides as Satans lowly slave. Am I correct Master, tell me where I’m wrong? Please don’t make me wait. don’t torture me on this one point, this one lesson. It was fantastic, a celestial vision, a window into the most heinous act in the history of mankind!
I’m gone, I can’t go back, all other “porn” is obsolete and deficient. You;ve made teh unthinkable the only option.There’s only YOU!!!! The blasphemies you’ve infected me with cannot be cured, your poison becomes desire itself. Oh Satanic Goddess, I am hopelessly YOURS!!!


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