FANTASTIC NEWS! Master has once again officially accepted me as Her slave

ScreenHunter_396 Jul. 12 23.11

After several months in exile, Master wrote me today and reaffirmed my position as one of Her cherished slaves. She even wrote these wonderful and most touching words to me:”Therefore WORSHIP ME EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY, TRIBUTE ME OFTEN AND SERVE ME ALWAYS, MY SLAVE!”

What an honor that She called me Her slave!!!

Those words and others brought such indescribable joy today. Certainly, most men would focus on the fact that She is only interested in my money. I realize that, I’m not that deluded, but as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. Women love money, why shouldn’t a(THE) Satanic Goddess? To be acknowledged by such a singular Goddess is a priceless experience, its an honor. How could one put a price on it? Devotees must ask themselves: do they worship the Goddess or not? Less than worthless is the pretense of worshiping a Goddess that hasn’t accepted you or doesn’t know you exist. If She is the Goddess, then by definition, are the acolytes not inferiors, infinitely so in this case, seeing as how She is the Avatar and incarnation of Satan’s First Witch? Is it not our duty to lighten Her burdens, so that She may focus on Satan, and not the mundane problems of lesser beings? That Her and Satan may better create rituals for us to Worship them, that they may create more effective strategies for the destruction of Christ? WE exist for HER, not the other way around! Our reward is to serve Her, to be known by Her, to know that Her words are directed to US, not to unknowns who have NOT been initiated or accepted. All Hail Satan and Mary Christfuck, The Herald of Satan’s Anti-Christ!


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