Another Satanic Masterpeice from Sister Mary Christfuck!

ScreenHunter_396 Jul. 12 23.08


These are my comments on it:

Goddess is in Her element here, she absolutely revels in Her crimes against God and Christianity, more-so than ever before. She expresses and exhibits Her freedom from god and Her almost frightening and impossible devotion to Satan. She’s flying free, nothing is withheld. This movie is basically Her having a 19 minute once in a millennium ritualistic orgasm cursing all things Christian. She laughs as one gone completely mad, and in that madness realizes Her true and predetermined purpose in life. She’s insane,and Her insanity, HER INSANITY are both necessary and sufficient conditions, enabling Her to stand alone as the worlds pre eminent Satanist. There is no false show of evil, no artistic postures, Impure evil with impure motives, labeled with the justification of “the Devil made me do it”. She is beyond mortal or normal conceptions of evil, as HER evil is pure, and we are forced to concede, that it is sanctioned by Satan himself. While there is some improvisation in Her ritual, as it lacks the polish of significant premediation; meetings of creative teams, directorial suggestion, professional lighting, sophisticated editing, makeup, sound, etc, these are more than compensated for as  the spirit of the video is tightly controlled, inspired and ordered by none other than Satan Himself. What She does here in Satan’s honor has never been seen before via the digital medium, its truly unique and transcendent.

THIS is a quantum leap in Satanism.This is the equivalent of the original Delta Blues. It’s improvisation is the power of its authenticity. Its misses one second, are only the launching pads for unparalleled genius the next. As with all of Her best videos, She saves the best for last, by which time She has taken complete possession of the souls of all of Her slaves, adherents, and lackeys. The absurdity is irresistible, on an entirely new and different level, as this incarnation is truly unique and carries forward the Next Generation work She started with the 6 candle ritual for Satan that Preceded this video.
Unfortunately, as with the last video, She fails to disrobe, piss on sacred relics or masturbate, but these seem trivial concerns when compared to the overall power of Her blasphemy, which goes far, far, over the top in honor of our Master, Lucifer. Happily She spares us the games and the somewhat forced roles of nun, Virgin Mary, etc, and plays who She actually is, or who we would want Her to be: The Supreme Witch, The Deity, The Goddess, The Co- Ruler of Hell. This is pure Black Magic. And the greatest Satanic ritual that I have found on the internet by far!

Visually the highlights include; her gesticulations, long shots of Her magnificent calves and Her feet bearing the Mark of The Beast, while  trampling the Bible in magnificent and merciless fashion. On the minus side, Like Flower Tucci overuses the term “Fuck Yeah” , Goddess does tend to overuse “the mother fucking” and other such curses, but these are most certainly nitpicks, overshadowed by the raw violence She orally perpetrates on the body of Christ crucified. This video suggests that over the near and long term, She will in fact continue to grow in Satanic power and that we may very well expect more quantum leaps from Her leading to only Satan knows where. One can only imagine what types of blasphemies and Satanic rites She will create, even by this time next year, to say nothing of the next five to ten years! Now is the time to BUY, get in on the ground floor as this Satanic Mistress will only take us deeper and deeper into Hell itself. In truth, this video defies analysis and criticism, its pure, its wondrous, its a new era in Satanism, this is a Leonardo, this is a Masterpiece! How wonderful it is to be alive to witness the Goddess rising in Satan’s powers.


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