Pray to and work for Satan


To pray to Satan
one must do for Satan
actively create and savagely
destroy for Satan
teach the word and the Holy Gospel of Satan
spread, disseminate, and preach
sin, for Satan! Goddess’s curses,
In fawning imitation
replicate, masturbate
cum on the pig God’s face
for Satan!
Time so short
for Satan’s Work
Do for Satan
Satan! our dread and Imperial Lord, our God, our master
submit before Satan
and Mary our Sacred and beloved Whore
GIVE IT ALL to our Goddess, to our Goddess, EVERYTHING- TO HER!
Always and forever more!
Do, For Christfuck-chores
Do, For Lord Satan’s- rewards!
Satan’s reward:
From Christfuck chores!

Think, think, think
Thoughts beyond the pale
and well past the brink
The Goddess
with deeds, appeased
No time for idle fantasy
Only actions, works, verbs
Raping Christ
His saints slain, and brutally murdered
Is this what NIKKI wants?
Pay our Goddess
for our slaver,y with Satanic deeds- in full, up front!

I feel entranced, endazed
Music, entering Demons
By Satanic Enchantment
the mind lost, and by Marys
Spell, its razed!
I lay down
And my soul She pulls
out, and far away
to it:  “To Her, fly! desprately, ” I say!
It wraps Her hand about
Like sugary string
sticky and pink
Making a web she plays with
Ten fingers stretching
Her cunt now rubbing,wetting, inserting, cumming
Pulling out.
Dancing, string, trailing like a ribbon
Now! A banner, on fire, burning!
With it, souls
Mary capturing
then for Satan, destroying
See the Holy Queen Our Joyous Mary!
and hear the sacred blasphemy, She’s singing!

The web crack and snaps
Like a wave that breaks
near the shore.
Blazing souls, now swallowed
whole, down the throat
Feeding Her Satanic fire,
in Her belly Anti-Christ
as prophesied, Her child
all glory to our Sacred Whore!


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