She is the Way to Satan

ScreenHunter_395 Jul. 12 23.08

Heres a letter I just wrote to Goddess:

“I’ve got these fuckers at motherless talking about how much they love Satan and you, bu they refuse to formally submit to you, to present themselves to you, to buy clips and to pay tribute, to declare publicly that YOU are the Prophet of Satan.
I know what its about, the cheap bastards simply don’t wanna pay you what they owe, not only that, they don’t wanna pay ANYTHING. They wanna worship Satan by themselves with no leadership. They think they can get to Satan without going through you! Thats funny as hell! Are they so blind that they can’ t see? 99.9% of Satanists are fools because they don’t think they need any leadership. .09 of the rest of them don’t think they need YOUR leadership. They’re lost,and must be destroyed with the followers of Christ. Am I wrong master?”

I would only revise the 99.9% figure, there are more who desire leadership, but 99% of whatever than number is follow false leadership. Those who are not truly of Satan. Posers.


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