Satan Rejected By His Own People

Kinda bummed the morons at Motherless who host the sissy hypnos I made, won’t allow me to create a group called “The Cult of Christfuck”. They gave no reason. They’ve got rape videos, snuff vids, shit, borderline pedo, but I can’t create a cult for Christfuck. It almost proves that Shes too evil even for the most evil, Her witchcraft too powerful. I even had a few people I’m sure who would have joined.

Also dejected by the number of posers out there who play the part, but arent doing the actual work. especially noxious are all of these women one Twitter, who simply post fashion pictures of women dressed up as kiillers zombies and vampires. Besides playing dress up, what do these models really DO for Satan, to compare with what Christfuck does; real Satanic witchcraft. The reteweet these pics with no other contribution besides the periodic “Hail, Satan.” Thats just not enough. I joined twitter to possibly recruit followers of Goddess Christfuck. Twitter is the most braindead piece of shit in the history of the world. Its just pictures!!! People now can;t even be bothered to write, reading is too slow, so now the idea is to be transmitted exclusively through visuals. A very low level of Satanism is all that can be achieved.

The very definition of Satanism is also very low, restricted to Lavey. Didn’t worship of the Devil precede Lavey? Why on earth would a true Satanist follow this man as if he invented Satanism? A dumb clip whore named Goddess Vivian Leigh, got mad at me because I called her out on Twitter by pointing out that she admitted she didn’t really believe in Satan. I called her a poser. She writes back and says I’M the fake satanist, becasue I broke “rules 1 and 8”. Is she fucking serious, to think that a follower of Goddess Chrsitfuck cares about religious orthodoxy not derived from the Goddess Herself, who is far greater than Lavey? Vivivan then went on in another post to say she is a recognized member of the Church of Satan! Thats like trying to impress out of town guests by taking them to Applebees! Too many Satanists on Twitter basically just call Jesus, Satan. They arent about evil, they arent about the real work of tearing down Christ. They’re atheists, and Satanism is the name they give to atheism.

Not feeling very poetic since finishing Milton although my last one was pretty good and came after. Its sometimes challenging to write when no one gives a fuck. The real problem is however Twitter. Its dumbing me down. the same thing happened with FB, and then thankfully I broke THAT addiction. Twitter is weird.If you leave it no one would know, or care. You don’t really know those people and never will, and yet, somehow it matters,there is some value to it. Theres one sick bitch I like she has an attitude and a hot face,(blonde bombs) and theres a guy(passion for futanari) who get the BEST futanari pictures and posts them by the dozens. I gotta break my addiction to Twitter for the sake of my writing, but even the Goddess Herself doesn’t read it. I can;t wait for the movies She promised for this month, but Satan knows her promises don’t usually amount to much…


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