Satan, Aid Our Goddess Mary Christfuck


On The Devil
and how around Him
Satanic women
gather and circle

Concentrate, now
On the center
And on the surrounding swirl
One stable, calm like death
One ecstatic, with corrupted flesh
entranced, hexed,
Nude, witches
Free from Christ
and God
whom they all, every one
hate, wish death upon, and despise


Moan, hump, tear, bite
Thrust, cut
ram, butt
Gouge, hit
Cumming for Satan
They flop
And like breeching fish
they flip!
See that one, there
so happily covered in shit?
Stare at
and contemplate
the magnificence of her
Satanic trance, her Luciferian Bliss!
One lops her own right hand
And feeds it to her Lord, who we call-Satan
His mouth open, always ravenous and famished

All the proceedings
Sister Christfuck directs
And for every witch
a male slave
waits in willing attendance!
Some, tightly caged
And pulled along
some slither
mimicking snakes
while praising their master
in blasphemous song!


Witch mounts witch in random 69
On her broom, blaspheming, flying
pleased, inspiring
Drenching all
Who to Her, and Satan call!
With her exhaust
endless streams
Of hot golden piss
They shout: “Fly Goddess!
For Satan-GODDESS!”
Satanic Mistress, rise
On winds
From fires, fueled by hate for Christ
Ascend, ascend
Alone conquer God
his mother
and the assembled hosts of heaven!

Now Her piss falls on them
with the blood of God, saints, and angels!
Not even Satan imagined possible
Such a furious and sinful bacchanal
Each finds their own
As Satan floats to Mary
And by Her side
takes His Eternal Throne!


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