Let Satan Rule!


What time denied, wasted for?
That the heart know, no fill?
Or even level reasonable
in all this, Shitfaced God’s denial!
No, I now let Satan rule
That I may taste
the flesh and juice,
The Devils offering
of sins fresh fruit
Ripe, from Christfuck’s hand
Let me taste
of things: evil,
bloody, cursed and damned
short exquisite
as long as She will I can

She knows what’s best for me
And on what she wills
To bursting, let me so feed!
Oh, the time lost in crying, fearful denying,wasted adherence
Oh Satan! what was missed?!
Facefulls of Goddess Christfuck’s piss?
Satan says “no less”

Times greatest day
when Adam en-buggered Eve, in Eden!
Regret not, awoken man
to see the lovely; disheveled
and face encrusted,
dried there passions flecks
Rest, rest, remove remorse
And renewed, more options, GO! SIN! Explore!
Let Christfuck who is Eve
take your cock and the lead
And overs Satan’s creation, til gone
In The Devil’s name
Let Her Spray thy tasty seed!


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