The Queen of Hell and Paradise

CIs1lOVUAAEYhPS.jpg large

every style of flagellation
breath deep, souls
decayed and rotten
Dive into the muck
And find its dregs
sticky tar black bottom!

The source of the
ever spreading stench
The pores of Satans
Blessed- First- Witch !
Deep, below
Christfuck Diablo
by Hellfire glowwwwsssss

Having devoured
the world
and most all
who lived in it
And now, me, you, and
the Saved remaining few
Into Her mouth
that the meal be finished
Shit out, and remade
all in likeness of Her Divine and Satanic image
All Her children, born
All to Her will, conformed
Nothing but Satan, Mary
And Mary’s children
All in union without
remotest chance of unhappy rebellion
Maturing, aging, the children morphing
To serpents with gilded wings
Upon their Masters serving!
No God, No Christ
Just Satan, and Mary Christfuck: forever titled:
The Queen of Hell and Paradise!


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