Christ is a Disease

What use, theories of Satan
analytical speculations?
That we need be his
is more than enough, and yet
from fawning love
brazen praise
let us engage, The Lord
And His Glory, briefly discuss!

Thought weaker
our Master, Lucifer
first spoke Eve
to suborn and beseech her
bid join Him in unfailing conspiracy!
Can we not relate to these?
Revolts against inequality
caste forced inferiority?
Some eternity!
hopeless on knees
Chained subordination
and its hopelessly
depressing mission.
Yes Satan, revolt this system
Satan and Eve!
From every forbidden tree, tasting
rise strong, empowered with new authority!

Adam! On Your knees, and lap what Mother Eve
offers monthly
Of the truth, and the freedom
She gracefully bleeds!
From the ankles up the limbs
to the pooling source upstream
each rivers course, stop,soak
And let your tongue lovingly impede!

How I envy Adam
to know a woman
demanding such
submission and sin!
By the ears to Her womb tightly,
Our sadist, this Mistress
She pulls him
and when done, she begins
flesh stripping by whipping
Ties him to the Tree Forbidden!
(SATAN! Talk through me!)
Serpent skin his restraints
As the whip with blood that paints
His back baring even bones!
Oh Adam, to have found
your true place true love
Submit to this
and never be alone !
Hail Our Master Satan, Lilith Christfuck, and Eve!
Purpose giving Trinity

Remember Christfuck’s words
That “Christ is a disease”


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