This is The Body of Anti-Christ

CHP4VR1UgAEtVcTFor my dream
Let the world be blown
to smithereens
For more than a taste
of the Worm Unclean
That hides within The Sacred Pig
sweeter than date, plum, cherry, fig
The flesh of Christfuck
pray Satan give !

Unholy Sow
Allow us to feast on your
Grease, grizzle, fat, and marrow
The marbled meat of your every chop
Butchered  precisely
By Satanic Law
Consecrated to Lucifer
dripping raw
Blood gushing ,slime dripping
And swinging, like strange fruit from the jaw!

Consuming Your flesh
the only Way to Satan
and To Hell the final test!
To suck the cloven hooves
Of Christfuck The transfigured Goddess
To bite Her horns given by Baphomet
lick Her left eye, stolen from Set
And her thigh!
What tissue!
Dense in the front
fat in the back
cured like candy
in the syrup of blasphemy!
What would I give to suck
the thigh, the Satanic pork
of Goddess Nikki?

The thigh, the calve, the left eye, the ass
The lower lip, the hip
All washed down with Her fresh piss, sipped…

sadistic witch

makes me devise

the means and the methods of my own demise


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