Hands together! Pray for Her….

CGet20vVAAAEstGThis dominatrix forever
withholds, the fury of Her whip
Who but Satan Himself, ever envisaged
a sadist such as this?
Those who hate pain, she flays
Those who beg for it, rejects

And whats worse, now She’s vanished
None know where she is
What She wants
or when She’ll give
Those, Her words,that all enslave
throughout time like ripples

they radiate
Cursing all who live
have lived
will live…
…Satan drains, enervates
Only for his mistress do we wait
Our single focus ,
her driving stakes
Our hands our feet
she penetrates, piercing
thorns and spear
She bathes in our blood

and to the sounds of our dying cheers
huzzahs, hurrahs
raucous applause
Sister Christfuck, Our God
Drinks of us, consumes of us
And does whatever she wants
with us…
She alone has Satans trust
Our Master does what the Devil will she must


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